If you are interested in joining this active and successful group, your membership to the group will include receiving a book, supplied by the police, containing photographs of current retail criminals and those who have been served exclusion notices. Your business name will be added to a list of businesses that certain criminals may be excluded from entering.


Membership also allows you to purchase or rent a two-way digital radio, to use in the sending and receiving of relevant information to achieve the aims of preventing, reducing and detecting all forms of business crime.


Now that Scarborough has 24 hour, 7 day coverage by CCTV, the combination of radios and cameras is a superb asset to the group. Scarborough police working in the town also carry one of our radios.


The cost to join the group depends on the type of your business and is a yearly fee (April to March)


Local Only 75

Regional 95

National 110


If you also have a radio (varying prices) all members should add 30, which covers the upkeep of the base station and radio licence.


If you are interested in joining or require any more information please contact the coordinator, Chris Golder on any of the following

TEL 01723 507672

Mobile 07765847711




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