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Subject Reference

Partnership Title 1.0

Management of the Partnership 2.0

Aims & Objectives 3.0

Membership 4.0

Meetings 5.0

Voting 6.0

Administration 7.0

Funding, Financial Records & 8.0
Examination of Accounts

Banking Procedure 9.0

Process 10.0

Benefits 11.0

Liabilities 12.0


1.0      Partnership Title

1.1 The partnership will be known as Scarborough Anti Theft Group Business Against Crime. All references to 'the partnership' in this document refer to this partnership.

2.0      Management of the Partnership

1 The partnership will be representative of the participants and other interested
parties, formally constituted and managed.

2 A steering committee made up of up to 12 members will be appointed from the
membership. This group will meet at least twice a year.

3 The committee may include representatives from police, Crime and Disorder
Partnership,   local   authority,   town   centre   management,   shopping   centre
management, local press (editor), chamber of trade/commerce, the business
community (day and evening economy representatives), leisure sector and
other relevant bodies or individuals, as required.

4 This committee will oversee the aims and objectives of the partnership (see 3.0
and be responsible for compliance with its purpose and aims and

The role of the steering group will be to:

Resolve misunderstandings and difficulties

Effect improvements

Assist generally with the smooth and efficient operation of the scheme

Decide the level and type of management information that is shared among participating members.

Decide on the method in which this management information is shared.

Set funding policy.

Deal with matters relating to security and general management queries.

2.5 From within the membership of the steering committee, a board of management
(BoM) will be appointed to guide,  manage and advise on the day-to-day
operation of the partnership which will report back to the steering group as
necessary.    This group will include a chairperson, vice chair, secretary and

treasurer. They will act as the first point of contact on issues relating to the


This group will be made up of no more than 6 members.

The chairperson, vice chair, secretary and treasurer shall be elected at the annual general meeting from nominations received from the membership. Their period of office will be twelve months.

6 The BoM is the data controller for the partnership - see Section 5 Data Integrity
Agreement and Section 11 Data Protection Additional Reference Material.

7 The BoM reports to and is accountable to the steering committee.

8 The BoM will be responsible for the financial,  procedural, operational and
disciplinary regulation of the partnership.  Any alterations recommended by the
BoM wilt be subject to approval by a majority vote of the steering committee.

9 The  BoM  will  agree the  annual  charges for  membership.     This will  be
confirmed by the steering committee.

10 Voting for resolutions or appointments within the partnership shall  be by
majority vote. In the event of a tie, any resolution shall fail.

11 Representatives   of  the   police   and   other  organisations   involved   in   the
partnership will be entitled to attend the steering committee and BoM meetings

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