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in an advisory capacity and/or at the invitation of the committee members.

12 The BoM are empowered to ensure that all policies and procedures are fully
complied with by each member.

3.0      Aims & Objectives

1 The legitimate (in accordance with the 6 principles of the GDPR) and lawful gathering, collation, processing, exchange and management
of all relevant information relating to business crime and anti social behaviour
between retail/business members of the partnership. The police contribution will
be the legitimate and lawful provision and management of relevant photographs
or other information as agreed.

2 To reduce and prevent criminality and anti-social behaviour by reducing the
opportunity to commit crime.

3 To assist in the apprehension and prosecution of offenders and suspected

4 To reduce fear of crime and disorder and the effects of fear of crime and

5 To reduce members' losses caused by crime and anti social behaviour

6 To create a "safe and secure" environment for customers, staff and visitors and
to contribute to the economic viability and prosperity of the area.

7 To expand the partnership to encompass as wide a range of business sectors
as possible.

8 To strengthen partnership working with the business community, police, local
authority and other key agencies and organisations.

9 To establish the partnership as an integral part of the local community safety
and crime reduction strategy and work in partnership with the police, local
authority, and other agencies and organisations responsible for delivering the
community safety action plan.

4.0      Membership

1 A member is defined as a business that has signed the agreements to abide by
the operating protocols and data integrity agreements of the partnership to
confirm that they have been made aware of their statutory obligations and
responsibilities and has paid the relevant (initial/annual renewal) membership
subscription to the scheme.

2 Membership will be drawn from businesses, which trade in or in close proximity
to Scarborough and representatives of other interested parties.

3 Members must agree to fulfil certain criteria to comply with the objectives of the
partnership before membership is granted.  Applications for membership will be
agreed by the steering committee.

4 Payment will be in advance to the scheme account.

5 Refunds will not be permitted (unless in exceptional circumstances agreed by
the BoM).

6 Members who are in breach of any code of conduct or other rules governing
activities of the partnership shall be liable to disciplinary action by the BoM.
This  may  take  the  form  of warning,   suspension  or expulsion  from  the

7 All members who have access to personal data recorded by the partnership
require to be made aware of the requirements of the
The responsibility and potential liability for inappropriate disclosure rests with
the individual.

4.8. The partnership Board of Management reserves the right to refuse membership if it is deemed appropriate and reasonable to do so. If the applicant does not fit the criteria for membership, the Board of Management has the right to decide not to disclose reasons for their decision, (see also Section 3 Codes of Practice)

5.0      Meetings

5.1      An annual general meeting will be held at date to be agreed. Other meetings held during the year as and when required.

6.0      Voting

1 Each member will have one vote at members' meetings. In the event of a tie,
the chairman will have the casting vote.

2 A quorum for a meeting shall be not less than 10 members.

7.0      Administration

7.1 The secretary should prepare the agenda meetings after consultation. The members may propose items for inclusion on the agenda, which should be notified to the secretary in advance of the next meeting. Relevant information from meetings will be distributed to members in a regular newsletter.


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