Exclusion & Privacy Notice

Welcome to the Scarborough Anti Theft Group Business Against Crime exclusion notice scheme

The scheme operates by excluding criminals and troublemakers from all member premises for the set period of time on the notice, thereby preventing or deterring crime, reducing business losses and improving security for staff and customers.

Many of the offenders are well known to both businesses and police. The partnership provides photographs with names showing those excluded under the scheme and those known to the police, but not currently excluded.

The partnership provides window stickers advertising a premises membership of the partnership. These will serve as a notice to excluded persons that they are prohibited from entering a member’s premises.

Exclusion notice explanation

The issue of an exclusion notice withdraws the invitation to enter a member premises to the person issued with the exclusion notice.

This scheme only applies to those businesses that are members of the partnership which then allows the partnership to act on behalf of all members as a group.

Businesses may also operate their own similar notices in relation to their own premises.

Criteria for the issue of an exclusion notice

Circumstances leading to the issue of an exclusion notice may be, for example:

Offences of theft

Public order offences/anti-social behaviour

Criminal damage

Possession of offensive weapons



Other criminal and anti-social acts which effect a business member

Where an individual has a court case pending, the coordinator may consult with the police before a decision is made to proceed. The issue of an exclusion notice is not dependant on a previous criminal conviction, caution or anti social behaviour order.

Actions by members

If an excluded person is recognised inside a member’s premises (and not thought to have committed an offence at that stage) they should be immediately asked to leave the premises, as they are regarded as a trespasser.

Members should immediately inform other members via the radio link if possible, that an excluded person is the locality, they should be identified, a brief description of the clothing and the direction of travel.

The existence of an exclusion notice does not confer any additional powers for ejection from the premises. If a person refuses to leave when asked, they become  trespassers and the police may be asked to assist in removing  them if they still refuse to leave.

If an excluded person commits an offence within a member’s premises they may be detained, the police called and the evidence, including the exclusion, passed to them.



Shop Link Radio Section

Data Protection Statement

This statement confirms Scarborough Anti-Theft Groups commitment to protect your privacy and to process your personal information in a manner which meets the requirements of the DPA 2018).


Who we are and what we do

We are members of a Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) which is a membership organisation established to assist member businesses to respond in an organised manner to crime that affects their businesses, profitability, staff, customers and the local economy.  By working together and sharing information about crime and those committing it, the partnership provides greater protection for its members and the local business community.

Business crime is identified by the National Police Chiefs’ Council as “any criminal offence that is committed against a person or property which is associated by the connection of that person or property to a business”.

The partnership is registered with the information commissioner for the purpose of ‘the prevention and detection of crime and the prosecution of offenders’.


What personal information we may process

The information we collect may include:

Names, addresses, occupations, descriptions, aliases, associates, vehicles and convictions.

We also allow our members to use a digital two way radio that links with the Police and CCTV to transmit descriptions about offenders and the whereabouts of them.

  • Contact information

Occupation and company details

We may use this information for the following reasons:

the prevention and detection of crime and the prosecution of offenders who are, or are suspected of being involved in business crime, where that crime, anti-social behaviour or other criminal activity impacts upon our members or the business community.

 To manage membership and payment details.

  • To send you information which we think may be of value or interest or to improve our member services

We may monitor or record any communication between you and our partnership for quality control and training purposes.

 How we may use this information operationally

We analyse data and examine whether it is capable of being used to detect, prevent or reduce crime which is committed in our area of operation. Where this data is assessed of being relevant to our purpose as defined in (a) above we may make it available to our members through electronic or other means.

Where there is evidence that offenders are operating over a wider region, we may share that information with other BCRPs or police.

We may communicate data to the police or other public agencies where it is relevant to do so for the purposes of the prevention and detection of crime and the prosecution of offenders, or for other reasons relating to the public objectives of those organisations.

Where a person has been notified that they have been excluded from the premises of our members for criminal or anti-social behaviour, we will endeavour to serve a copy of the notice on the excludee personally or by post.

We will only communicate information from members, victims or witnesses to third parties with their agreement.


Our group has appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to prevent the unauthorised or unlawful processing of your personal information, and accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, your personal information.

Retention of personal information
We will not keep your personal information for longer than is necessary for our purposes.

Your rights to access your personal information:

You are entitled, pursuant to the Act, to ask for a copy of your personal information, for which we will charge a £10 fee, and to have any inaccuracies in your information corrected. Disclosure will only be permitted in accordance with the  Act to persons who have provided identification.

Where we hold data for which we are not the data controller, we will not release that data.

Where data relates to other persons, we will not release that data unless an application is received from that person.

We may not release data which we assess as confidential and which may either interfere with a criminal investigation or which may assist persons committing crime.

Should you wish to access your information, or have any other enquiries about data protection, please go to the ‘Contact us’ page on the website.


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