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7The steering group have decided to hold  the security/update meetings bi-monthly. The meetings are well attended and have much substance to them as well as being at a time suitable to most members. A  newsletter from the police is available at these meetings which is full of good current information.

All members management and/or staff are most welcome and at least coffee and biscuits are provided.  The security/update meetings are usually in the conference room at the Brunswick Centre. (See below)

These in the main will be on the last Wednesday of the month and between 9.30am and 10.30am.

Next scheduled updates (bi-monthly) ;-

31/7/2024        Brunswick Management Suite

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If you are interested in joining this active and successful group, your membership to the group will include receiving a book, supplied by the police, containing photographs of current retail criminals and those who have been served exclusion notices. Your business name will be added to a list of businesses that certain criminals may be excluded from entering.